Bridging the gap between creativity and user-centered design



Investment Portal

In this project the task was to create an application that will replace the old and cluttered software used for the daily backoffice operations of a financial institution. Additionally, an online portal for the institutions’ clients was developed, so that they will be able to monitor their investments and perform transactions

The Last Drop


With this brief we tackled how can we sell rejected beverage products for acceptable prices in a way that is safe, sustainable, surprising and encourages the user to share the experience with others? We developed a multi-faceted solution that included a mystery beverage box, a digital interactive experience, printed artwork and a website.

Mazi App

In this project we launched a new volunteering app where users where motivated, through gamification elements, to browse and sign up for a wide range of volunteering projects, including everything from tutoring students to participating in environmental campaigns. Plus, users can track their hours and accomplishments, and see the difference the are making in real time.