Project Details

Mazi App




How might we connect volunteers with meaningful opportunities to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond, through the power of technology.

The Client

Mazi – A startup company.



An iOS and Android application that, motivates volunteers to browse and sign up for a wide range of volunteering projects through gamification elements such as tracking hours and accomplishments.

An admin module that, serves as the backend of the application allowing for administrative work such as activating users, scheduling events, managing subscription, etc.

A website, used to provide information about the company’s product and advertise them, while also providing customer support and keeping the users informed about updates and new features


Double Diamond

In this project it was crucial to have all stakeholders aligned to the during the different stages of the design process as all stakeholders were located remote to each other. We decided to follow the “Double Diamond” design process as it helps to structure it in a logical way, which can make it more efficient, easier to manage.

This helped us better understand user needs and requirements, explore a wide range of potential solutions and iterate on our ideas until we arrived at the best possible solution. At the same time, it proved invaluable in improving the communication among stakeholders and preventing scope creep by ensuring that the project stays on track.



Initial Concepts & Functionalities

In the Ideation phase of this project we experimented with various functionalities that would make our app stand out and successfully motivate users to sign up for events. Because of that, it was necessary to create interactive prototypes, in order to properly test and validate our assumptions.

During this phase we ended up discarding several ideas for being too cumbersome and making the app feel cluttered. This process of prototyping and testing was repeated until we had reached a stage were our test group agreed that we had reached an engaging and easy-to-use solution.



The Volunteering App

After many iterations of prototyping and testing, we had reached our Minimum Viable Product and were ready for development. In that version of the app, users can browse through a variety of volunteer opportunities, including one-time events and ongoing projects. The app features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for volunteers to search for opportunities based on their location, interests, and availability.

Once a volunteer has found an opportunity they are interested in, they can apply to participate and receive all the necessary information and instructions. The app also provides a way for volunteers to log their hours, get recognition for their contributions, and keep track of their volunteer history.


The Scanner App

For the organisers, we built a QR code scanner app that allows them to scan QR codes on tickets to verify the authenticity of the ticket and check-in attendees. The app quickly and easily scans the QR codes, allowing for fast and efficient check-in at events, reducing the chances of fraud and ensuring that only valid ticket holders are admitted. The app can also provide real-time updates on attendance and ticket scanning.


Admin Console

With our admin portal, the organisers are able to manage and oversee their events and volunteer profiles. The portal allows administrators to create, edit and delete events, as well as approve or reject volunteer applications.

Administrators can also view detailed reports on volunteer hours, and track the progress of their projects. They can also message and communicate with volunteers, and monitor feedback and ratings for the events.


Finally, we designed a website that serves as a hub for information about the app, including features, pricing, and customer reviews. It also provides a platform for users to download the app, and allows customers to purchase in-app purchases or subscriptions. The website also serves as a place for customer support, with resources such as a FAQ and contact information. Overall, the website helps to promote the app and drive downloads.

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